Improved Home Value: Solar PV Valuation Tool

Studies consistently show that adding solar to your home increases its value. In fact, a study from Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates solar can add between $3.90/Watt to $6.60/Watt to the value of a home in California (the country's largest solar market).

Adding solar to your home reduces your energy bills, which is a huge selling point for future homeowners. In fact, the Sandia National Laboratory's PV Value tool allows you to estimate the estimated increase to your home value, based on your zip code.

We encourage you to share this tool with your real estate agent, your appraiser friends, and your Uncle Bob. The more people know about this, the more widespread this information will become in the real estate market. In fact, efforts are underway to train real estate professionals on this tool and integrate this into their continuing education.

Watch the video below to learn much more about PV Value and the increases solar can bring to your home's value. 

PV ValueTM Real Estate Tool from IREC on Vimeo.



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