Solar Incentives in Utah

There are several incentives available to help reduce the cost of installing solar for both residential and commercial energy users. Please be sure to consult with a tax expert and review all the guidelines and rules carefully.

Have questions about the Federal Tax Credit? Check out A Homeowner's Guide to the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Solar PV, by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center.


Incentive Type  

Utility State Federal Grants/Other


For Questar Gas customers, Solar Thermal only

25% capped at $2000 until 12/31/17
25% capped at $1600 until 12/31/18
25% capped at $1200 until 12/31/19
25% capped at $800 until 12/31/20
25% capped at $400 until 12/31/21
Expires in 2022

30% with no cap
26% after 12/31/19
22% after 12/31/20
Expires after 2021


Commercial & other Non-Residential


10% up to $50,000
30% with no cap 
26% after 12/31/19
22% after 12/31/21
10% beginning in 2022
for projects larger than 2 MW or expansions of more than 1 MW
Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System 

Utility-Scale & Manufacturing 

for projects larger than 2 MW
Fixed post-performance credit of 75% of all newly generated state revenues for 20 years
$0.0035/kilowatt hour
for a large scale project’s first four years


For a comprehensive list of clean energy incentives and related policies, visit the Summary of All Utah Solar Policies, Incentives, and Financing Programs (from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)



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