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Whether you're talking cereal or solar power, it's smart to buy in bulk! Participating in a volume discount solar purchase program or a shared solar program can help you save money on the upfront cost of solar power.  Utah Clean Energy's Community Solar campaigns are modeled after a 2009 program called Solarize, where a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon teamed up to go solar together and created a bulk-purchase campaign. Since then, communities around the country have adapted the Community Solar model to find ways to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of solar.

Volume Discount or Bulk-Purchase Programs:

Community bulk-purchase programs help homeowners come together and tackle the solar process as a team, realizing great cost savings through bulk purchasing power. Homeowners can negotiate a volume discount from solar contractors and streamline the installation process to guide neighbors through the complexities of going solar.  Utah Clean Energy has administered six Community Solar programs including Salt Lake Community Solar, Summit Community Solar, Susie Hulet Community Solar, Mountain Town Community Solar, and two rounds of U Community Solar.  

Community Solar initiatives in Utah have helped nearly 1,000 Utahns access rooftop solar for their homes. Collectively, participants have installed 5.3 megawatts of solar energy.  That's enough solar to prevent 333 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over 25 years, and the average homeowner can expect to save over $22,000 on their utility bills.

To find community solar programs in your area, or to find resources to that will help you start your own, visit, a community solar resource for Utah.



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