Why Move To Online Permitting?

Online permitting gives contractors and citizens the option to apply for a permit at a time most convienient for them, reducing the time and expense of making an office visit.  Online permitting enables local governments to more easily detect and fix errors, while also reducing the time required to grant approval and making permit tracking easier and more streamlined. 

A number of jurisdictions have already moved their permitting to an online process; among other Utah jurisdictions, two Wasatch Solar Challenge jurisdictions - Salt Lake City and Summit County - now offer online permitting. To learn more about the benefits of online permitting, get in touch with building officials in these communities to hear about thier experience. 

If your community can't move to online permitting, consider adding as much information as possible to your government website to save time and costs; consider allowing email submission of certain forms (instead of in-person submissions), and consider tracking the status of all permits on-line to facilitate faster turnaround times.  Lastly, consider adopting the Expedited Solar Permit (with fillable PDF forms) and Solar Permit Checklist to enable a more streamlined solar permitting process. 



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