Solar Simplified for Businesses

A 1 megawatt solar energy system on IKEA in in Bloomington, Minnesota. A 1 megawatt solar energy system on IKEA in in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Whether you are thinking about your bottom line or your triple bottom line, investing in solar energy for your business makes sense now more than ever before. In fact, solar energy is being deployed on a massive scale by the most iconic brands in the U.S. in order to help lower operating costs and increase profits.

Energy can make up a significant portion of business operating expenses, the price of solar energy systems has dropped rapidly over the past 5 years (and continues to decline), and more consumers are calling for clean energy. Solar provides an elegant solution and opportunity for businesses; not only does solar reduce operation expenses, but it also provides predictably priced electricity for 20 to 30 years and offers an invaluable hedge against utility price volatility. By offsetting utility bills for decades to come, an investment in solar will start generating a return on your investment immediately and will pay for itself over time (something not many capital investments can guarantee). Combined with innovative financing options that further reduce upfront costs, solar has a new value proposition for businesses of all sizes.

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Thinking of taking your business solar? You are not alone, many already have!

See the Top 20 Corporate Solar Users.  Source: Vote Solar and SEIAThe Top 20 Corporate Solar Users.    Source: Vote Solar and SEIA



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